PLDT outs new TelMeHow app for TelPad

PLDT has just announced a brand new app that breathes new life to their TelPad phone/tablet device – TelMeHow. The new app is an educational tool that gives users with the TelPad access to a large swath of topics that range from photography, cooking, fashion and other topics. Each category has numerous instructional videos and content that gives users a basic working knowledge of each category.

PLDT has tapped a number of well known experts from each field, which include Master Photographer Paul Ticzon. In each topic, the expert gives an easy to understand instruction that any novice user can benefit from.

Patrick Tang, VP and Head of Hime Marketing for Voice and Microbusiness told us that this is just the beginning of the app. He plans to have a way for people to be able to buy related items at the end of the video (a dress at the end of a fashion instruction for example) via the app. Initially he says that the app will be free, and will be regularly updated with new content for a different range of topics. Other, more advanced topics will be pay-to-view, though he did not give out a date when this will happen.

From what we’ve tried with the app, it seems like an added value proposition for users. The app is easy and simple enough to navigate, and definitely adds to the value of the service. We did experience a bit of slowdown with the videos (as it is streamed directly to the device) which we attributed to the inherent slow internet at the venue.

We’re composing a video of the service in action as we speak and we’ll be uploading it shortly.  Video is up! Check it out below.