PLDT Sales and Service Centers ready to serve HOME Bro subscribers

Bro final photo

All PLDT Sales and Service Centers are now ready to accept HOME Bro applications and render aftersales service to all HOME Bro subscribers.

Beginning this month, PLDT Sales and Service Centers (SSCs) will now open its doors to all HOME Bro Canopy and WiMax subscribers.

A total of 124 PLDT SSCs across the country are now accepting HOME Bro sales and aftersales transactions. These service centers upgrade HOME Bro service channels as they now provide more avenues for customers to apply for a HOME Bro subscription or be assisted with their HOME Bro account needs.

“HOME Bro wants to provide its subscribers with the best Internet and customer experience. Last year, we launched the myHome portal ( so subscribers can easily access their HOME Bro accounts in the comfort of their homes. Now that we have opened PLDT SSCs to HOME Bro subscribers, we are providing more service channels that are ready to serve them whatever their account concerns may be,” said PLDT HOME fixed wireless broadband head Ava Espanola.

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