PLDT SME Nation and Samsung come together to help businesses get connected

Small businesses, which in the Philippines make up the vast majority of registered companies, have gotten a huge technological boost thanks to a partnership between Samsung and PLDT. Their solutions, which look to leverage the power, versatility and flexibility of the cloud, are now being offered to SMEs in packages designed to give the greatest returns for the smaller business players.

  “This partnership with Samsung, one of the leading global brands, brings significant benefits to our SME market,” said PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Nation Kat Luna-Abelarde. “It is one of the most powerful synergies in the industry of providing a premium internet connection from the top service provider, combined with cloud enabled devices, from the most popular and innovative electronics company.”

The partnership allows SMEs to take business to the next level by giving them a choice of gadgets with which to easily connect to the rest of the world via PLDT’s fast, reliable network with speeds of up to 15mbps. There are six bundles currently being offered by the partnership, with the SMEs being given the option to select the one that best caters to their broadband requirements. Customers can go from 4 to 15mbps with rates ranging from PHP4,000 to PHP25,000 monthly.

The basic packages are the Elite Bundle, which gives entrepreneurs an option among the Samsung 3-in-1 Wi-Fi Laser Printer, UPS or Hard Drive, and Max Bundle, with a choice between a Samsung Chromebook or 7″ Galaxy Tab 3.

Higher bandwidth packages such as the Max Plus and Max Turbo will provide your business a wider range of office equipment and gadgets. For the Max Plus Bundle, customers can choose from the IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 Wi-Fi Laser Printer, UPS or Hard Drive, and a Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3. Another option would be to pair the Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7 with a Website Builder Bundle or Cloud Storage Bundle. The Max Turbo Bundle, on the other hand, allows consumers to pick from Samsung’s 32-inch Wifi Smart TV, Large Format Display (LFD) or the Note 10.1, and an IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 Wifi Laser Printer, UPS or Hard Drive. They can also opt to pair the Cloud Storage Bundle with an IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 Wifi Laser Printer, UPS or Hard Drive.

Small businesses need a little hand competing with the big players. PLDT and Samsung are here to help. For more details, head over to or call 101-888.