Potential converts rejoice! BB10 Won’t need a special data plan!

We recently broke a quick overview of Blackberry 10 and its new features, and like everyone else following the info, we’re pretty excited. For those who are contemplating a switch to the new OS, here’s another reason you might want to make the jump: unlike all the other incarnations of the BB OS, 10 won’t need the BlackBerry Internet service or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to get all the magical crackberry services that make the platform so special. This has been confirmed by a few carriers abroad, and it means no more special plans to subscribe to with your favorite network; any data plan should do just fine. This might be due to increasing market pressure to be more acceptable by absolutely everyone, and as far as we’re concerned, its a great step towards reclaiming its former glory in the smartphone market. This news and the new devices, along with all the other features they mentioned at the launch certainly has our attention, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the latest set of BBs. Stay tuned, we’ll hopefully have more  for you soon.