Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S better than iPhone 4 last year – Globe

Since Globe no longer has exclusivity over the iPhone, there have been speculation on the performance of preorders for Apple’s newest iteration of the iPhone from the telco. Apparently all those rumors are without merit, as Globe tells us that their online pre-orders for the iPhone 4S has exceeded the performance of the iPhone 4 despite being carried by their competitor Smart. The Philippines is included in the third wave of the release of the iPhone 4S, which is is expected to be carried by 100 telcos in 70 countries by the year’s end.

“Globe is proud to be one of the first telecommunication companies in Asia to carry iPhone from the very start,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Consumer Business of Globe Telecom, “We know iPhone from inside-out, we’ve had years to study the habits and patterns of our customers who use iPhone and we have great offers that combine mobile browsing with SMS and calls that really showcase the power of iPhone 4S.”