Rapoo unveils new wireless peripherals in PH

Peripherals brand and manufacturer Rapoo unveiled three new product lines—the 5G series (3920P, 7800P, and 8900P), the audio series (H8030, H6080, A3020 and A3060), and the 2.4G optical mouse series(6610, 1190 and 3360).

The 5G series includes optical mice (3920P and 7800P) and a keyboard (8900P) with a 5.8GHz transmission speed. The technology enables an operating distance to as far as 10 meters with a strong anti-jamming capability. A plug-in NANO-receiver enables the connection between the PC and the peripheral device.Each device in the series has approximately 18 months worth of battery life.

Rapoo’s audio series consists of two headphones—the H6080 and the H8030—and two wireless speakers—the A3060 and the A3020. The H6080 features a foldable structure for maximum portability, while the H8030 features a pull-down microphone for making and taking wireless, handsfree calls on the go.

The A3060 features a compact cylindrical design, while the A3020 boasts of a small and chic structure similar to that of a shrunken boombox. Both speakers are operated using backlighted touch-enabled buttons can work through a 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth connection of up to 10 meters.

The 2.4G optical mouse series wireless transmission technology gives users a 10-meter working range without any interference. Rapoo claims that with its 1000 DPI high-precision engine that features 2.5 times precision than an ordinary optical engine embedded in the products included in this line, users are given more accurate and smoother control over the mice. The 6610 and 3360 models feature a power on/off button that helps save energy, paired with a 9-month estimated battery life.

Rapoo PC peripherals are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Philippines Inc. For more information, you can visit www.rapoo.com.