Reebok Opens First FitHub Shop-in-Shop in PH


Continuing its mission of empowering people through fitness, Reebok recently opened its first ever Reebok FitHub Shop-in-Shop in the Philippines.

The shop-in-shop is located at the Royal Sporting House Store, 2nd Level Glorietta 4 Ayala Center Makati. The Reebok FitHub offers people a fresh and fun way to achieve fitness. It will be a one stop shop for those dedicated to living a fit lifestyle.

The concept of the retail store is inspired by elements found in fitness studios and CrossFit boxes around the country. It will feature top products from Reebok’s latest collections specifically made for fitness and exclusive to the FitHub. This premium footwear and apparel collection feature Reebok’s top-of-the-line technology and materials, allowing for optimal performance and comfort.


Along with the launch of the shop-in-shop Reebok has also introduced its latest construction system, BareMove. This innovation will be introduced in its performance apparel range, the Reebok One Series.

The zoned system is designed to target key areas within the apparel to keep the body cool, free and protected for a more comfortable experience when working out.  The BareMove construction system has three main components: Movement, Cooling, and Protection.  Each element has its own function within the Reebok ONE Series apparel that helps provide the athlete full range of motion, breathability and protection against abrasion and the elements.



Reebok has also unveiled its latest running footwear collection, the Reebok ZSeries.  This unique, natural motion product is inspired by the design of high-performance ZRated tires found on high-end sports cars.

The ZQUICK running shoe features a unique foam compound and radically sliced geometry similar to that of a high performance tire for ultimate ground contact and a light weight, cushioned and more responsive ride. The underfoot grooves allow the midsole to flex and expand as the foot does, naturally increasing the edges in contact with the ground to allow rapid acceleration and easy control at high speed.  The ZQUICK also features a strategically placed NanoWeb upper that keeps the foot supported and centered. Combined with a smooth, nearly seam-free upper for an irritation-free fit, the ZQUICK is the complete shoe to ensure a smooth, quick ride.

Yoya Maglaya, Reebok Phlippines’ Sales and Marketing Manager, commented; “We’re extremely excited to have opened the first Reebok FitHub Shop-in-Shop.  The FitHub is great statement to prove Reebok’s commitment to getting people active. It will give consumers a full fitness experience like no other, inspire people to get moving and become a desirable destination for the fitness community.”

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