Revamped Myspace now open to the public


We showed you a preview of the site’s new layout in September last year, just when they began sending out email invites to try it out. Now, the new, refurbished Myspace (notice that the ‘S’ is now written in lower case) is finally open to the public.

The page can be accessed at a new URL——but typing in the old URL will automatically redirect you to the recent version. To the joy or the annoyance of some, there’s a huge Justin Timberlake ad on the home page, asking you to listen to his new single. This comes as no surprise, since Timberlake is known to be one of the site’s investors.

Users are given the option to sign in with their old MySpace account and Twitter or Facebook accounts. After signing in, users will then be prompted to pick from a selection of interests and occupations—such as Musician, Photographer, Filmmaker, Brand and Fan—possibly to determine your purpose on Myspace. You have the option of skipping this step and proceeding to creating your profile. After this, you will be directed to some sort of dashboard, where you have access to four important tabs—Stream, Library, People and Settings.

Stream is where you will be able to see updates from your “connections.” The Library tab lets you access songs, albums, videos, mixes and photos that you like. You can add content to your library by hitting the Connect button. The People tab is where you can subscribe to friends and artists, while the Settings tab lets you change your account settings and personal information.

Design-wise, Myspace apparently went with a more minimalist feel compared to their old layouts. One fascinating update to the design is the interface of the search page, as seen in the screenshots below.

As we’ve seen in the teaser last September, the new interface is rather unique. Instead of scrolling down a long trail of updates and posts, users now have to side-scroll through a grid-like layout to view the stream or the contents of a profile page.

Myspace retains its heavy focus on music as the site now sports an integrated playlist creator at the bottom of the screen with which you can listen to and mix your favorite tunes while you explore the site.

Not too fond of the new look? Users still have the option to return to the classic MySpace by clicking on the gray bar on top of the home page.

Hit this link and give the new Myspace a go!