RIM offers corporate customers a free PlayBook when they buy two devices

Want a PlayBook? Or two? Or three? You’re in luck – All Things D is reporting that the company is putting the PlayBook up for a buy two get one sale for the enterprise market. While the offer is enticing, you gotta wonder what state the sales of PlayBooks are currently in – after all, RIM conducted a 50% off internal PlayBook sale for Rodgers employees just a couple of weeks ago. PlayBooks aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, as All Things D reports that RIM only managed to ship 500,000 units in their first quarter (when it was first launched), which dwindled down to 200,000 units for the second. It’s probably safe to say that we’ll see more deals for the device when the holidays roll in, but it still remains to be seen if RIM will go down HP’s TouchPad fire sale route.

Source: All Things D, RIM