Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement catches fire; plane evacuated

(Photo from Brian Green)

Passengers of Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville, Kentucky bound for Baltimore, Maryland were evacuated after a Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in the plane’s cabin.

Brian Green, owner of the phone, told The Verge‘s Jordan Golson that the unit was already a replacement under Samsung’s Note 7 recall program.

The phone, according to Green, was powered down and placed in his pocket as per the cabin crew’s request when it began emitting a “thick green grey-green angry smoke.”

Green placed the smoking phone on the cabin floor, and the crew and passengers were evacuated. No injuries were reported.

The phone had burnt through the carpet and damaged the plane’s subfloor.

The phone is now in possession of the Louisville Fire Department’s arson unit for investigation.

Only a few days ago, a GTA Mod was released that poked fun at Samsung’s ongoing Note 7 problem, turning sticky bombs into exploding Note 7s.