Samsung introduces air conditioner line up for summer


While the summer slowly kicks in, it’s about time to find a worthy solution to beat the summer heat. Samsung has come up with a line of air conditioners to keep the whole family cool and comfortable, without upping the electric bill.

Pioneering Triangle Design technology, the Samsung split air conditioners provide household comfortable, cool and clean air, without compromising electrical expenses. The Triangle Design allows for wider air intake, with an internal space maximized to give more room for a bigger fan and blades, to ensure faster cooling effect.

With its Digital Inverter, you can get up to 60% energy savings. It even has unique modes such as the Full Mode and a Single User Mode. A first in the industry, that lets users switch to Full Mode when their family is at home and a Single User Mode when she’s alone.

Samsung also has introduced Wi-Fi enabled control feature that is the first of its kind for air conditioners. This provides people with convenience since users can operate their units wherever they are through their smart phones.

Now, families can escape the heat on a hot summer day by arriving in a comfortably cool household.