Samsung is asking 1 billion dollar verdict to be dismissed, says one juror was biased


You didn’t think that Samsung is going to take the 1 billion dollar verdict against them lying down, do you? The Korean company is asking that the 1 billion dollar patent victory against them to be dismissed and retried on the grounds that one person on the jury foreman was potentially biased. Samsung says that the Jury Foreman, Velvin Hogan, did not reveal to the court that he was bankrupted by a lawsuit from a company that Samsung currently now holds stake in. That company is Seagate Technologies who sued Velvin Hogan to bankruptcy back in 1993.

Samsung also adds that the company that represented Seagate to that trial is currently married to another lawyer in Urquhart & Sullivan, the law firm that represented the Korean company in the patent tiff against Apple. This they say is another potential source of bias.

Apple naturally isn’t buying Samsung’s arguments, saying that “Samsung’s theory fails on the merits because the decades-old Seagate dispute has nothing to do with this case and would not have supported challenge for cause, and Samsung has not shown that Mr. Hogan’s responses were dishonest and material, as Supreme Court precedent requires.”

Judge Lucy Koh, the original Judge in the patent trial in which Samsung lost, said she will hear both arguments in December 6.

Source: The Register