Samsung outships Apple and Nokia

Samsung has topped the list of international shipments in Q3 2011, followed by Apple in second, with Nokia coming in at third.

Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, reports shipment figures of 27.8 million smartphones for Samsung, 17.1 million for Apple and 16.8 million for Nokia. This currently places Samsung at dominating 23.8-percent of the international smartphone market, which researchers attribute to the “elegant  hardware designs” and increasing popularity of Android

On another note however, Strategy Analytics, states that “Apple’s growth during the third quarter was affected by consumers and operators awaiting the launch of the new iPhone 4S in the fourth quarter, volatile economic conditions in several key countries, and tougher competition from Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2 model.”

It will be interesting to see the market’s development in the near future, especially with the recent release of the Nokia Lumia 800, impending rumors of an iPhone 5, and the possibility of flexible displays in Samsung devices by next year.


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