Samsung supposedly in talks with RIM to buy/license BB10

Some good news for beleaguered mobile company RIM, as it is rumored that they are in talks with Korean manufacturer Samsung to either license BlackBerry 10 or buy RIM entirely. As a result of the rumors, RIM’s stock has enjoyed a slight uptick in trade, up 4.2 percent to $7.62 at the close in New York. “Samsung is considering ramping up its internal development efforts, licensing BB10 or buying RIM,” Misek, who has the equivalent of a sell rating on RIM, wrote yesterday in a note. “Samsung is undecided.”

So why would Samsung be interested in buying RIM or licensing BB10, considering it already has huge investments in Android? Remember, Samsung has started making inroads into developing their own software, and has started picking up mobile software engineers to work on its internal projects. Licensing and or buying BB10 allows them to build on top of another operating system that is mostly complete, which saves on both time, effort and money, and will only have to work on integrating it on future products.

Source: Bloomberg