Samsung teases new Windows 8 device

Samsung has just posted on its official YouTube page a short teaser video of what is speculated to be its new transformer notebook.

“Take a look at this video for a glimpse into our newest Windows-8-ready innovation,” reads the description.

The video features old gears, clocks and Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, supposedly signifying the “evolution of technology.” You will also see little black cubes rolling on a flat surface and eventually assembling on their own to form a random shape. We don’t actually know what this means, but apparently, with all that reference to time and evolution, Samsung thinks that their upcoming product is going to be revolutionary. In between these sequences, we see glimpses of the device’s round edges and island-type keyboard.

We also see what appears to be a stylus port, thereby hinting that this new device could be a tablet-notebook hybrid. See for yourself:

Several reports online—such as the reports of TheVerge and CNET—note that the device being hinted in the video has a seemingly similar design to the Series 5 Ultra Convertible prototype we saw at COMPUTEX.

Itching to know when Samsung’s new device will be revealed in full detail? Hang tight, because the video description tells us that the time of the big revelation is near.