SB LiMotive disbands; Bosch to take over US and Germany subsidiaries

The two parent companies behind the SB LiMotive joint venture—Bosch and Samsung—have decided to part ways. While Samsung is to assume control over the operations in Korea, Bosch will take over the entire battery systems business. This includes the SB LiMotive Germany GmbH subsidiary in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg in Germany and Cobasys in the U.S.

Bosch claims that it has decided to focus on developing and producing batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. “When it comes to electromobility, a market with great potential for the future, we have already made a successful start with diverse projects, and are driving forward many other developments. In restructuring our operations, we can respond better to our customers’ requirements with respect to market focus and speed, and will continue to work all out to expand our market activities,” says Dr. Bernd Bohr, the chairman of the Automotive Group of Robert Bosch GmbH.

As part of the company’s plans to expand its activities in electrochemistry and in producing of lithium-ion battery cells, Bosch aims to cooperate closely with specialist partners to work on high-performance battery cells in Germany. They also hope to set up a European specialist network.

According to Bosch, all development and supply agreements with Samsung will still be continued. Additionally, both parties have agreed to grant each other access to patents.