SkyBroadband outs 200Mbps plan, yours at Php 34,999

Premium broadband plans aren’t new, but SkyBroadband is looking to make their mark on the local scene as far as raw speed is concerned. Sky has unleashed their 200Mbps plan, which is probably the fastest plan available to residential customers. Yes, 200Mbps kids – that’s more than enough speed to completely download a 4GB HD movie in mere minutes.

Of course, there has been a few kinks with Sky’s service a few months back, something that current and former customers of the company are well aware of. Alan Supnet, Marketing Division Head acknowledged this fact, and has told us that they’ve fixed the majority of the problems with their service. He has also told us that there are now mechanisms in place to prevent those problems, which includes proactive monitoring of a user’s broadband metrics that automatically detects if there are problems with the line, and alerts Sky’s technicians about a customer’s potential issue. If all goes well, Sky already knows a customer’s problem when they call their technical support line, which should lessen downtime and improve service.

Of course, there’s an attached hitch to that particular speed, and as always, it’s cost – the 200Mbps plan will be yours for a whopping Php 34,999 a month. If you want a (relatively) slower speed, you can avail of plan 112Mbps for Php 19,999. The next speed tier is 48Mbps which can be had for Php 12,999. The lowest speed in their plan is 24Mbps, which you can enjoy for Php 9,999. Sky is saying that their service will be available in a majority of locations located around the Metro, which includes Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Quezon City, Paranaque and Alabang. Sky is also offering a trial of sorts for the service – if you’re not happy with the package for the first month of the service, you get your money back (after paying for the days that you’ve consumed). After the first month, you will have to pay for the pre-termination fee. Potential customers will be locked in for about a year.