Smart intros LTE offers for select post-paid subscribers for as low as Php 50 a day

Are you a Smart subscriber that’s been itching to try out their superfast LTE service? We have good news for you – Smart is now offering LTE buckets for post-paid users. For as little as Php 50, you can enjoy speeds of up to 42Mbps on your LTE enabled device for a day. Php 299 allows you to use LTE for 7 days, while spending Php 995 gets you LTE access for a whole month.

Of course, several rules apply to this current promo. The most important is that you will need to have an LTE-enabled device that is compatible with Smart’s LTE band for it to work. You will also need to be a Smart post-paid subscriber as well. So what happens if you’re currently enrolled to the promo and you move to a location without LTE coverage? Well, Smart says your device will automatically connect to their High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) network.

To avail of the LTE promo, you will just have to simply send the appropriate key word to 2200 (e.g. LTE 50 send to 2200).