Smart unveils their most affordable LTE plan yet, now starts at Plan 1299

If you’ve been hankering for some lightning fast LTE broadband but are unwilling to shell out large amounts of cash every month for the privilege, Smart has got your back. The telco has just unveiled their most affordable LTE plan yet – the Smart LTE Broadband Plan 1299. This LTE plan slots nicely into the entry level end of the pricing spectrum as far as LTE is concerned, and users now have the option of picking out the right LTE plan for them. Just like Smart’s other LTE broadband plans (LTE Broadband Plans 3500 and 1749), Smart’s LTE Broadband Plan 1299 is (theoretically) capable of hitting speeds of up to 42Mbps. Users will be enjoying free data until Jan. 31 2013, and will be capped at 5 GB a month after that grace period ends. Subscribers also have the option to avail of a Pocket WiFi device for a one-time fee of just P2,000.