Smartphones: the future camera of choice?

The NPD Group has recently conducted a study, revealing that more people are turning to their smartphone’s camera to preserve spontaneous moments, marking a 10% increase of usage from last year.

While dedicated cameras, such as DSLRs and m4/3 systems, thankfully still dominate as the device of choice (especially for important events), these statistics are nevertheless extremely relevant, and could foreshadow interesting innovations in the near future of tech. We’ve already seen the improved optics on the iPhone 4S and the ingenious design of the Pansonic’s Lumix Phone – and one can surmise that manufacturers might increase their focus on the quality and versatility of  the smartphone’s built-in cameras, leaning towards a more dominant fusion of a point-and-shoot with a mobile device.

With the way that technology has been rapidly progressing, it wouldn’t be surprising if tech giants were able to squeeze in a micro four-third sensor into a smartphone, and perhaps even making lenses interchangeable possible. With so many accessories as of late that cater to “iPhoneography” and even a full-feature film that was created entirely with a Nokia N8, it seems likely that a new breed of “smart optics” will surface quite soon, and will probably amaze us.


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