So long, Tori, Kari, Grant, and Thanks for all the myths.

wpid-01-mythbusters-kgt-lookback.jpgIn a piece of news that brought a tear to our eyes when we heard, one of our favorite science shows, Mythbusters, has just announced that “junior” Mythbusters, Tori, Kari, and Grant, are going to be dropped from the 2015 season. Fox has announced that the reason behind the move was in order to reboot the program, and bring it back to its roots. Fans are suspecting some sort of contract dispute, though the three seem to be leaving in good terms with the rest of the cast.

The trio aren’t the first junior builders to leave the show. In the past, the team has had a number of different people, all with different skills, join and leave the group. By far, though, this trio has stayed the longest. A lot of Mythbusters fans love the show for the various antics the three younger Mythbusters brought. Rantings have been slipping over the the past few years, so it remains to be seen whether or not this move to return to the shows roots will work for the ratings. Jamie and Adam still have a couple of years on their contracts, so at least we won’t lose them all.

It’s okay. Everyone cries sometimes.