Sony Online Entertainment and Asiasoft partner to bring DC Universe Online to 8 Asian countries


DC Online Universe

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced a new partnership with Asiasoft to bring the award-winning multiplayer game DC Universe Online to major Asian countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

The international partnership grants Asiasoft exclusive PC publishing rights for DC Universe Online in multiple Asian territories and ensures that dedicated servers, local customer support, and payment gateways will be provided for the game. Utilising a free-to-play model, DC Universe Online players are granted basic access to the game free of charge so they can choose to play in a way that suits them best.

“Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the entire roster of DC Entertainment heroes and villains are among the most recognisable icons in the world. By bringing DC Universe Online to southeast Asia, more people than ever will be able to gear-up and fight alongside their favourite characters,” said Louis Figueroa, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sony Online Entertainment. “Asiasoft will provide high quality player support ensuring the DCUO community continues to thrive throughout Asia and beyond.”

DC Universe Online will be available on the PC in Asia later this year.