Sony to release Asia-limited Final Fantasy merch for PS3 in November

Lightning returns FF XIII_logo

Attention, avid gamers and PlayStation lovers!

Alongside the announcement of the release date of the PS4 in Asia, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) announced that the DualShock 3 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edition Bundle Pack alongside PlayStation 3 software Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Chinese and Korean versions) will be publicly available on 21 November 2013.

Intended for the Asian region, the DualShock 3 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edition was exclusively designed and carefully developed by Square Enix together with SCEJA.

Lightning returns FF XIII_3DBOX_DS3_Standalone

Square Enix and SCEJA have been working closely together on creating a localized version of the previous Final Fantasy franchise for the Chinese and Korean fans. This design project was established as a response to the growing anticipation of Final Fantasy fans in Asia since the release of the Asia-limited Final Fantasy DualShock 3.

Lightning returns FF XIII_3DBOX_DS3_Bundle