Sony unveils limited edition, 24 karat gold Xperia P

The concept of blinged-out gadgets aren’t new, and a cursory search with Google with the phrase, “gold gadgets” will give you a myriad of results of companies who specialize in adding useless decorative gold plating to whatever device that catches your fancy. Sony though decided that they’ll do the blinging themselves and cut out the middle-man so to speak with the announcement of a limited edition, 24K gold Xperia P. Why an Xperia P, you ask, a product that’s not exactly new instead of more recent smartphones? We have no idea. What we do know is that Sony will be outing only 15 of these gold phones, and if your pockets are deep enough (and don’t mind the somewhat dated specs on the Xperia P) you can keep your browsers locked in to Sony’s global Facebook page to find out how to get one of these babies.

Source: Sony