SYKES Glorietta sets a new standard for the BPO lifestyle

The Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is currently recognised as one of the two global leaders in the world. Currently estimated to have 926,000 full-time employees across different companies, the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) projected that the industry will generate $16 billion in revenues by the end of the year. In the midst of it all is SYKES, a company that prides itself as the pioneer of this groundbreaking industry.

Sixteen years since it started BPO operations in the country, SYKES Asia, Incorporated  formally opened its new facilities at the heart of Makati.

L-R: Executive Vice-President for Global Strategy Dan Hernandez, President and CEO Chuck Sykes, Senior Vice-President for APAC Mike Henderson, and Vice-President for Philippine Operations Dean Van Ormer

Today, SYKES President and CEO Chuck Sykes performed the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony together with the company’s key personalities Dan Hernandez—Executive Vice-President for Global Strategy, Mike Henderson—Senior Vice-President for APAC, and Dean Van Ormer—Vice-President for Philippine Operations.

Designed primarily to provide collaboration and comfort to its workforce while enhancing productivity, the building previews a glimpse into the employee-centred workplace as the future of the BPO industry.


Utilizing intelligent lighting to ensure proper diffusion and absence of glare and ergonomic chairs that adapt to all body types amidst vibrant colours, work stations have been designed for ease and accomplishment. Spacious huddle rooms are equipped to improve communication between employees and foster learning, while a mother’s room is another considerate feature that shows SYKES’ commitment in providing excellent support for BPO professionals.


“The building is a major project by SYKES because we believe that employees are our premium to our longevity—we want to give them the best. We also want to show that a career in the BPO is very progressive, especially since the industry has become a very significant part of the economic landscape. It’s our contribution for the forward move of BPO,” said Mr Dean Van Ormer, Vice-President for Philippines Operations.