Tattoo@Home upgrades landline-broadband bundles with faster speeds, free unli calls to Globe and TM

PackageGlobe announced its range of upgraded Tattoo@Home landline-broadband bundles, which now offer faster maximum connection speeds and free unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers.

Landline Plan 799 has been enhanced to give users free broadband with speeds of up to 1Mbps, with 3GB monthly volume allocation. Plan 1099, meanwhile, clocks in at to 2Mbps connection speed and 10GB monthly volume allocation. Plan 1299 runs at 3Mbps, with a monthly volume allocation of 15GB.

Globe claims that even if subscribers reach their volume allowance, they will still be able to enjoy unlimited internet connection at 10 percent of their plan’s given speed. Just to give users an idea of what they can do with 1GB, Globe says that subscribers can send up to 2,048 text-only emails, download approximately 246 music files, download or upload up to 1,020 photos, and send or receive up to 500 documents.

Existing broadband bundles have been upgraded with faster connection speeds. Subscribers now get 1Mbps surfing speed at Plan 1099, 2Mbps at Plan 1299, 3Mbps at Plan 1599, and 5Mbps at Plan 2299.

The aforementioned Tattoo@Home landline-broadband bundles come with free unlimited calls to Globe postpaid, prepaid and TM lines. All plans also come with free modems; Wi-Fi modems are complimentary starting at Plan 1299 with unlimited broadband.