There’s a new Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets


Google has recently launched its new Maps app for smartphones and tablets, which provides a new mapping experience that makes exploring the world and getting to places a lot faster and easier. Its features are detailed below:

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.36.47 AM

A simple design

The app builds on the latest Google Maps design for iPhone and makes it even better with new search and navigation capabilities. Android users get all the benefits of the new streamline design,­­ serving up just the information you need, when and where you need it.

More accurate Google search results labeled on the map

The search box at the top enables you to explore more than 100 million places globally,­­ making it easy to pinpoint businesses and/or points of interest with addresses, phone numbers, and reviews from people you trust.

Tip: Swipe the info sheet at the bottom to scroll through each result and watch the pins on the map to change locations.

Tap the “list” icon to the right of the search box for full list of results.

An “info sheet” that puts information right at your fingertips

The interactive “info sheet” rests at the bottom of the screen and offers complete details about each place. Tap to expand the “info sheet” to full screen and you get everything from star ratings to store hours.

New Navigation (Beta) gets you to your destination faster

You can now use voice guided, turn-­by-­turn navigation to help you to where you need to go. After selecting a place, just tap the car icon and you’ll get quick and accurate directions to your destination.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.37.09 AM

Swipe the navigation banner at the top to preview upcoming turns on the map, or if you prefer, use the step­-by­-step list view.

More relevant map with multiple views

Tap the Views menu on the bottom right to add new layers of information on the map. Explore the world’s terrain from afar with high-­def satellite imagery, and easily find public transit routes when you’re visiting a new city.

Now made available for Android tablets

A dedicated tablet design brings all the features of this new app to Android tablets, making exploring the world, from the comfort of your living 
room, all the more fun.

Built on Google’s comprehensive map of the world

At the heart of this app is Google’s constantly improving map of the world that gives you all kinds of useful information like:

  • More than 100 million places around the world
  • 3 billion miles of turn­-by-­turn directions­­ 
  • 1M transit stops in 800 cities globally
  • A billion square feet (and growing) of indoor floo 
plans of airports, malls and more, available on your desktop or in the palm of your hand

The app is gradually rolling out globally in Google Play and will be available soon in the App store.