This may be the first official images of a mobile device running on Smart’s LTE network

We’ve all been wondering when Smart would officially unveil the devices that they will be bundling with their LTE service, and although there’s no official word yet, the telco has sent us these images of an LTE enabled Galaxy S II running on their network.

That signifies that the company may be close to releasing the official list of mobile devices that they will offering with their LTE service, which, let’s face it, is the entire point of LTE. Don’t get too discouraged about that somewhat aged device (and the slightly lower speed than advertised 41Mbps ), we’re sure that Smart will be offering LTE versions of the latest smartphones for their future service.  The slower speed is because of the limitations of the device, not of the network. Newer LTE devices will be able to go up to the full 41Mbps.