Top 10 finalists in Trend Micro Codinsanity 2014 announced

Trend Micro

Global leader in cloud security, Trend Micro Inc., has just announced the top 10 finalists for its 2014 Codinsanity Asia Pacific Programming Contest.

The programming contest, which for the first time welcomed entries from both students and working professionals in 12 regions across Asia, drew a record-high total of 422 team-participants. Trend Micro will be sending the ten best teams from Taiwan, Japan, China, and the Philippines to Taiwan to compete for the grand trophy in the finals, which will begin on August 16 and end on the 19th. The finalists include 8 student teams (2 from Taiwan, 3 from Japan, 2 from China, and 1 from the Philippines) and 2 working professional teams (1 from China and 1 from the Philippines).

After four rounds of preliminary online contests, the Philippines will be making its second consecutive appearance with two teams getting into the finals. Team UPPG 1 is composed of University of the Philippines, Diliman students Jose Berba, Williard Jose, Marco Karaan, and Adrian Vidaal, while Team Liadri is represented by Kalibrr working professionals Tim Dumol, Joan Magno, Kevin Atienza, and John Ayson.

This year’s competition is all about big data. Trend Micro will challenge participants with big data problems, and the contestants need to write the most efficient yet correct code to explore new solutions to enhance data correlation, and to demonstrate their innovative ideas.

“At Trend Micro, we are committed to fostering global software talents,” said Jenny Chang, chief culture officer and co-founder. “Through the platform of international programming contests, we are sharing the real-world experience of Trend Micro’s R&D teams around the world with contestants, in a hope to encourage more young talent across Asia to join the software industry”

“As we have observed, software development has become an important and rising power of the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, we have initiated this activity to enhance the ability of Asia Pacific professionals in solving big data problems, while offering a global arena for contestants to compete and learn from each other to improve software development capabilities around the world,” adds Chang.

Additionally, the contest will offer a total of USD 50,000 in prizes. The overall champion will receive USD 20,000, while the first and second runner-ups will receive USD 10,000 and USD 6,000, respectively. Additionally, the champion student team will be offered a unique chance of a two-month internship at Trend Micro Taiwan, Japan, or China.

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