Toshiba Appoints New Distributor

Toshiba Singapore Digital Products and Services Group has recently names a new distributor to carry their line of accessories and peripherals. EA Global will now be in charge of handling sales and distribution of Toshiba’s USB devices, hard drives, mice and other related hardware. EA Global will also be authorized to establish a network of resellers here in the country to ensure the products and the necessary support reach the widest consumer base possible. The move signals the increasing demands of consumers in the Philippines, and to offer us a holistic mobile computing experience with Toshiba’s extremely wide range of options and accessories.

“We strongly believe that the Philippines market will embrace the high quality and variety of options and accessories products Toshiba has to offer,” said Jason Cheng, Chief Executive Officer for EA Global. “With Toshiba’s appointment, we aim to offer timely introduction of new Products and faster delivery of goods to the local market.”

Toshiba also announced a whole slew of devices that will be hitting the market, including USB drives, large, feature-rich external hard drives, projectors and a very interesting docking station for PC peripherals. These products will be hitting the market over the next few weeks and will be made available to Toshiba and EA Global partners.