TransPhone Pro takes a swipe at the smartphone/tablet hybrid concept, looks suspiciously like an Asus PadFone


One of the unique Android-powered devices that we’ve seen in the past year was ASUS’s PadFone, that tablet-dockin’ smartphone that had us fawning over it when we first saw it with our own eyes. It’s no surprise though that other companies are looking to try and replicate the somewhat limited success of the innovative device with their own interpretation, although we can’t really say that TransPhone’s offering improves on the formula. The TransPhone Pro is relatively smaller than the ASUS offering – 7-inch tablet that docks a 3.5-inch smartphone instead of a 10-inch tablet and 4.7-inch smartphone – with a slower dual-core 1GHz MediTek chip on-board. It’s definitely not going to be breaking any speed records, but for the $240 sticker that TransPhone is asking for, some may just take that plunge.

Source: TransPhone