Viber CEO shares upcoming features with PH


During the launch of Globe’s unlimited Viber services for prepaid, Viber CEO Talmon Marco shared some of the changes we can expect to see on the popular messaging app later this year.

According to Marco, over the next few days they will roll out a “Message Read” feature, which displays a notification if the message has been read by the user on the receiving end. Marco claimed that the Viber team is aware that some people would rather not disclose whether they’ve read a message or not, and announced that this feature can be switched off.

Viber will enable users to send doodles, in addition to the stickers and emoticons, in the coming months. As part of their plans for monetization, Marco also announced that while a lot of the stickers that will be added to their library within the year are free, some will come with a price tag.

Marco also confirmed the rumor that Viber is coming to Windows 8.

“Microsoft recently announced that we are building Viber [for] Windows 8, and I can confirm that this is true,” said Marco.

Adding video chat functionality, according to Marco, is also part of Viber’s expansion plans for this year.