Want to make money on your app? Why not BlackBerry

In a world where apps are a dime a dozen, developers face an uphill battle when it comes to getting noticed. The Android marketplace for example, has thousands of apps on tap which makes it hard for a single application to stand out which also makes it hard for developers to earn money. Well, George Staikos, VP Web Technologies said during today’s keynote at the BlackBerry DevCon Asia that developers make more money with BlackBerry, and enjoy more downloads and are discovered more often. George says that 5 months after opening up their BBM Social Platform API to developers, the first 325 apps that used the API has enjoyed 60 million downloads, with more happening every day. And according to Evans Data Application Distribution survey, developers selling apps through BlackBerry App World made significantly more money than developers of other app stores, with 13% of BlackBerry developers make over $100,000 from App World apps. Other stats impressive stats include ‎165 million BlackBerries sold, 50 million BBM users, 1 billion downloads in Appworld.