WD welcomes the new My Cloud and My Cloud EX4 in its roster of personal cloud solutions



Advancements in this digital age triggered the shift to cloud. With documentation of daily activities being a staple routine, backing up digital content has become essential. Western Digital—a company and world leader in storage solutions—is offering personal cloud solutions for easy access to files anytime, anywhere.

On January 23, Western Digital expanded its WD My Cloud family of personal cloud solutions with the new WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud.

“Families are connecting, sharing, syncing, and backing-up numerous mobile devices and computers in their household, with the amount of digital data being created on these devices growing dramatically,” said Liz Conner, Senior Research Analyst, Storage Systems, IDC. “Personal cloud is an ideal solution to simplify the complex issue of organizing digital files across various devices so that users can enjoy their digital videos, photos and music on all of their devices.”


The New WD My Cloud


The WD My Cloud is a personal cloud solution that enables users to organize, centralize, and secure the digital files from all of their computers and mobile devices. This means as long as users are connected via the internet, accessing files from any device, anywhere in the world is possible. Setup is easy as WD’s software auto-detects the drives connected. Users can also upload files directly from their mobile devices via the WD My Cloud mobile app available for iOS and Android users.

The WD My Cloud retails for PHP 11, 490 for 4 TB, PHP 8, 990 for 3 TB and PHP 7, 490 for 2 TB.

The WD My Cloud EX4


Intended for home and small office NAS systems, the EX4 is a high-performance four-bay network attached storage (NAS) solution for creative professionals, prosumers, workgroups and just about anyone.

Part of the WD Red line of drives, the EX4 is powered by NASware 2.0 technology, which improves drive reliability and protects data in the event of a power loss or disruption.

The EX4 feature an Easy-Slide-Drive technology, which allows users to install or hot-swap drives without the need for a screwdriver, toolkit or trays in a breeze.

The WD My Cloud EX4 retails at PHP 17, 990 for the drive-less WD My Cloud EX4, PHP 38, 490 for 8TB, PHP 46, 090 for 12 TB and PHP 55, 190 for 16 TB. The WD My Cloud mobile app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. Additionally, it also comes with a two year limited warranty.