webOS goes open source, still no new hardware planned as of now

It seems like there’s still life after death after all, at least for webOS. After being killed by former HP Chief Léo Apotheker earlier this year, webOS is being brought back from the dead by HP. The company has announced in its webOS developer blog that the mobile OS will be going open source, with the resources of the company behind it. This means that the mobile OS will now be a viable choice for other companies to use in their products, and we may soon see smartphones and tablets running the once dead OS. Unfortunately, HP doesn’t have plans to make a new TouchPad (or any other webOS powered device), so if you’re one of the few people who absolutely love webOS, you may have to wait until new products crop up (assuming you weren’t able to get a TouchPad) to get your webOS fix.

Source: HP, webOS developer blog