What’s new for Twitter on Android?



An update for the Twitter app on Android devices made changes in the Tweet’s detail view. When you click on the details of a tweet, an instant-reply composer will now be available. Basically, it’s the same thing you see on Twitter for website. Also part of the update is Twitter’s share button now allowing users to share a Tweet via Direct message.

If you haven’t updated your mobile Twitter, you may also have missed the update last week where Direct messages will instantly be marked read in all of your official Twitter apps. Before this update it has been a common annoyance for users who use Twitter in different platforms when they read a Direct message in one device, and still see the same message as unread in their other device.

The said updates have been available for iOS devices since last week.

You can check out this new update via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twitter.android&hl=en

Source: Engadget and Google Play