Windows 10 is coming, though you might have to wait a little while longer

Given the sheer number of devices running Windows 7 and 8.1, the roll-out of the next (and last) Windows OS is going to be huge. Windows 10, which is scheduled to drop on the 29th of this month, might not be coming to you right on that date though. Users are currently receiving update notices now, urging them to reserve a copy, though the actual availability of the download is expected to happen in waves.

We spent some time at the Microsoft HQ last week (and yes, we have a Windows 10 machine at the Gadgets HQ, stay tuned for some info on that), and while we might not all get the new OS at the stroke of midnight on the 29th, we were reassured that everyone should be getting their copies, whatever happens. There is a lot of backend stuff to consider, so if you don’t get yours right then, hang tight, MS hasn’t forgotten about you.