WINE coming to Android, expect to run Windows apps on Android devices soon

Android is the poster boy of open systems, and that openness has allowed developers to pull off creative tricks on it. Alexandre Julliard, the developer that made the WINE compatability layer (which basically allows Windows programs to run on Linux machines) is looking to add another ability to Android – running Windows apps.

According to site Phoronix, Mr. Julliard showed up at the 2013 Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting and demoed an early build of WINE running on an Android tablet  which had a native Windows app running. Of course, since it’s obviously an early build, it wasn’t well optimized, and the app ran extremely slow. Nevertheless, it proves that you can run a native Windows app on an Android device, and it’s not going to be long until you see your favorite Windows program running on an Android device.

Source: Phoronix