Yahoo to close down 12 services by end-September


In an official blog post, Jay Rossiter, Yahoo Senior Vice President of Platforms, announced that Yahoo is set to pull the plug on 12 of their services within the coming months in order for the company to “continue to focus on creating beautiful products that are essential to [customers] every day.”

To date, Yahoo has already managed to shut down Yahoo! Axis, Yahoo! Broswer Plus, Citizen Sports, and Yahoo! WebPlayer. Rossiter has provided the following shut-down dates for the eight remaining services:


Shut-down Date

FoxyTunes July 1, 2013
Yahoo! RSS Alerts
Yahoo! Neighbors Beta July 8, 2013
Yahoo! Stars India July 25, 2013
Yahoo! Downloads Beta July 31, 2013
Yahoo! Local API September 28, 2013
Yahoo! Term Extraction API

For closure details on each service, head over to the Rossiter’s official announcement on the Yahoo blog.