The Daily for iPad out now. Here’s how to download it from the Philippines.

Rupert Murdoch’s long-awaited, subscription-based, iPad-only magazine, The Daily has officially arrived in the US App Store. The app will feature news articles, interactive graphics, videos and photos designed to work with the iPad’s touchscreen. It is currently available on free trial for 2 weeks but regular pricing will cost a mere 14 cents per day, 99 cents a week, $40 per year and will be sold exclusively via Apple’s iTunes store.

Sounds exciting, right? But what about us from the Philippines who don’t have access to the app in our local app store? The Next Web shared a solution that will allow you to download The Daily, and read it while it’s free, wherever you are.

It’s all a matter of having a US iTunes account which we can’t apply for using our local credit cards. Once you have the account, you will have the full content privileges of someone who lives in the US, which includes downloading The Daily app. Now if you have an iTunes prepaid card, you can just create a US account right away. However, for those who doesn’t, you can follow these steps:

1. Open iTunes and log out of your current account.

2. Open up the iTunes store, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on the little round Philippine flag symbol at the bottom and change it to US.

3. Browse the app store and try to download any free app.

4. When prompted to log in or make an account, click to open a new account.

5. While filling out your application, on the payment screen select ‘none,’

6. Complete the application.

This method will not only let you download The Daily but other apps that are only available in the US as well. Fair warning though: once The Daily starts charging for subscriptions, you must either top up your US account using an iTunes gift card or borrow a US credit card from your friends or relatives abroad.

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