Before there was the wall post, there was the Post-it.

Since it’s Friday and we’ve got the long weekend ahead of us, I thought I’d share a little feel-good video to help remind us “digital age folk” that for all of the tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and all of the other technological gadgetry and advances we have in order to communicate easily and effectively readily available to us, that the language of love can still be just as easily and effectively expressed with just a pen and a post-it.

The Jubilee Project first created Love Language to raise awareness for The American Society for Deaf Children. This is the Love Language remake which captures the lives of two people who meet coincidentally on a bench and showcases a type of love that unfolds in three days using only written messages via Post-it notes.

Sporting earphones, the girl is seemingly preoccupied with her “music” and her notebook while the boy seated beside her begins to show a growing and persistent interest. He begins with passing her a note on sticky paper after which she responds using the same pad of sticky paper and thus a conversation ensues. After the third day, the girl offers to share her music with the boy and gives him her earphones. When the boy realizes that he hears nothing, she reveals (in sign language) that she is deaf after which the boy responds, “You’re still beautiful.”