Canon imageFormula P-215 Personal Document Scanner




  • Long Document Mode:39.4″ Scanning Element:Contact Image Sensor (CMOS)
  • Light Source:RGB LED Optical Resolution:600 dpi
  • Output Resolution:1501200 1300 I
  • 4001600dpi
  • Scanning Speeds:
  • Black And White:(Simplex I Duplex):
  • 15 ppml30 ipm Grayscale:(Simplex I Duplex):* 15 ppml30ipm
  • Color:24 Bit (Simplex I Duplex):* 10 ppml20ipm
  • Dimensions:1.6 x 11.2 x 3.7in.(with trays closed)
  • Weight:2.2 lbs.


  • Excellent scan quality
  • Works with both PC and Mac
  • Easy setup
  • Can scan two-sided documents
  • Can read plastic cards


  • Bulky
  • A little sluggish with color-heavy pages


Good for portable use,personal use,and office use,the Canon imageFormula P215 is a great way to scan your documents and photos.



Scanners play a somewhat interesting role in the gadget world-it was at one point its own device, but has now been lumped in with the all-in-one along with a printer, fax machine and copier. Now that most gadgets are going mobile,the stand-alone scanner is getting a second life. Can it be as good on the go as it is in the office or the home?


The Canon imageFormula P2151ooks pretty sturdy,but that sturdiness comes at a cost-the scanner weighs  2.151b (-1 kg).That doesn’t sound very heavy,but considering that it’s intended to be portable,it is heavy relative to other portable gadgets,although still lighter than most laptops.It also measures in at284.5 x 94 x 40.64mm with all trays closed,so its dimensions (other than its thickness) barely manage to stay within the”portable” range.


Setting up the Canon imageFormula P215 is simple.Just plug it in to anything with a USB port  and you’re ready to scan your images.An interesting feature here is that there are two USB ports.You can use one or two USB 2.0 ports for scanning.Using both USB 2.0 ports will reduce the scan time.You can also connect via USB 3.0 for faster scanning.If you’re not on the go,you can use this as a home scanner as there is also an AC adapter option.In the back is the

Auto Start switch,which you can turn on to start scanning images without the need to install any software.You can even put plastic cards into a