Emerson Network Power 2013 State of the Data Center Infographic Illustrates Increasing Reliance on IT

Now more than ever, businesses are relying on data centers and are more aware of the risks and costs of downtime. This inforgraphic from Emerson Network Power illustrates the rapid, continuous growth of feature-rich, data-intensive IT applications and how it influences the increasing criticality of data centers.


“The data reflects what we hear every day from our customers and partners, and that’s a growing reliance on the data center as an indispensable business asset,” said Scott Barbour, executive vice president, Emerson, and business leader of Emerson Network Power. “They are investing in their IT systems and infrastructures because the cost of downtime is becoming more and more prohibitive. The facts presented in the infographic confirm the relentless expansion of our society’s electronic dependence and the increasing importance of data centers.”