Globe Business and Morphlabs holds Devathon to showcase new Cloud platform

Globe, with partner Morphlabs, is holding an overnight Devathon today, 22 February in order to showcase their as yet unnamed cloud platform. “The Globe Business Cloud platform that we will be launching is a complete public cloud ready for deployment. It runds SSD Accelerated Hyper Dense compute nodes ensuring significantly higher performance than leading cloud environments,” said Globe Business Head of Buisiness Products Francisco Claravall. This event is set to highlight the ease of use and access of Globe’s Cloud, a well as the talent of over a hundred registered teams and dozens of teams. Teams will scramble to both port an app onto the Globe Cloud, as well as develop an app from scratch, all overnight. It highlights the ease of access, simplicity of use and economy of the platform, well before the scheduled public launch.

The Cloud Platform is ideal for freelancers, SMEs and solution providers, since all the applications already reside on the cloud, so individual users need not spend for expensive hardware and software licences, yet still have the ability to create apps for particular business requirements. The cloud puts SMEs and individual devs, as it puts such resources within the reach of anyone with a credit card. “Billing-wise, usage can be checked an billing details can be changed any time,” Claravall added. Subscriptions can also be maintained through credit card payments. The cloud also puts the power and reliability of Globe’s MK II data center, a super-secure, local, world-class facility, behind even the smallest SME, ensuring low latency and a greatly reduced chance of downtime.

If you’re interested, make a quick look at the site.