Globe Telecom announces 100% 3G coverage, full HSPA+ coverage to happen soon



Globe Telecom is proud to announce that their network now has 100% 3G coverage across their entire coverage area, giving users access to high-speed internet access on their mobile devices.

Even better, they have announced that their network will have complete HSPA+ coverage by the end of the third quarter, further strengthening the company’s ability to provide wireless data to subscribers all over the country.

“With 100% 3G network, we now have a robust capacity for high-speed mobile data access. Providing our network with full HSPA+ coverage in 90 days will provide an even faster mobile internet experience. This increases potential  or more digital innovation and enhances wonderful customer experience,” Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu said, adding that the combines 3G and 4G infrastructure of globe telecom will further drive mobile data exploration in the country amid rising demand for smartphones.

Complete 3G coverage gives millions of Globe’s subscribers the opportunity to access the Internet from all areas covered by the network. The rollout of both 3G and HSPA+ infrastructure for the entire Globe network forms part of the company’s transformation efforts, which delivered the most modernized telecommunications infrastructure in the Philippines.

According to Cu, the transformation initiative, which incidentally bears the totally awesome name “Project Nemesis,” has also enhanced connectivity inside structures such as malls, hospitals, airports and the like. Globe expects that by the end of the they will have over 6,500 cellsites nationwide.