Hands on: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We’re still at Dusit, and having digested the events from IFA early this morning, we are now ready to  experience the Note 3 Firsthand.


The screen is bright and massive, with Samsung’s beautiful color reproduction and sharpness.

This device feels great. The faux leather with the stitching on the back plate give it a really sexy feel in hand, almost like a tiny little notebook. They nailed it in that department.



We’re jumping straight into the features. The most interesting of which has to be Pen Window. Basically, you draw a box, and select an app. The app then multi-screens into a window the size of the box you just drew.






There is a limited number of apps, among them YouTube and the calculator, but all of them are useful.

There is also a beefed-up Group play that lets you chain 5 Note 3s and create a massive, multi-screen display.



It’s not the main selling point of the device, but it’s a cool extra. A really cool extra. You can also share a screen with several devices and doodle, and have the changes appear on all the linked devices.



Action Memo lets you write a note, and immediately send it to the appropriate app (phonebook for a name and contact number, email client for an email address, etc.) seamlessly.

Something we noticed is a different USB connector. We’ve seen this kind of port on other devices (USB 3.0). While it looks different, the standard micro USB connector works fine.

Here’s the Note against the current Smartphone flagship, the S4. You’ll notice that the two are about the same thickness, give or take, with the new Note taking a different approach towards build. This note is probably the maximum size we would carry around in a pocket. Any larger, and you might have to resort to a bag.


IMG_20130905_114022IMG_20130905_114142 IMG_20130905_114039



We were lucky enough to get one of the first 10 review units of this device, so stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the Note 3.