Here are a few screenshots of the S5 at work plus some extra info!

For those who want to be at the absolute current state of the S5 news wave, here are a few screenshots from the device featuring the updated UI and Antutu benchmark info.


Here’s the home screen. The apps look nice and flat, with an updated wallpaper.

Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-08-30 Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-08-52

A quick look at the settings screen shows the new Private Mode and Finger Scanner setup options that make the S5 extra special.


Status and device info.

Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-09-21 Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-10-10

Here are a few shots of the camera at work. Pardon the blurring, taking the screenshot made me already unsteady hand shake even more. The final shot was crystal clear and perfectly sharp.


Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-11-47 Screenshot_2014-02-25-04-12-06
2014-02-25 04.33.46

Here’s the Antutu info, if you’re curious. We’re waiting on the final word as to exactly what processor this baby is running. Stay posted!

2014-02-25 04.50.07

Finally, the Antutu benchmark results! Amazing!2014-02-25 04.50.28 2014-02-25 04.50.39