Hyundai wants to keep you safe with the first purpose-built Zombie Survival Machine in the country



Remember that Z-DAY VEHICLE we posted about the other day? Well, as it turns out, it was a joint effort between Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), and Fox Philippines to promote the upcoming fourth season of the most watched drama on cable TV, The Walking Dead.

For those of you with a keen eye, you know that Rick and the rest of his group of survivors chose the Tucson as their main mode of transportation next to slow, quiet, hunched-over walking. Shortly thereafter, Hyundai out together The Walking Dead Chop Shop app, which sparked a whole mess of Z-day vehicles to be created by a huge following of similarly-minded dead-heads.

The next logical step, therefore, was to make the vehicle real.

This October, after being spotted around the Metro several times, and creating a little buzz on social networking sites, HARI is putting the souped-up Tucson on display. If you want to get an idea on how the moonster machine came to be, head over to the following places at the appropriate dates, and watch the roads:

October 12, early afternoon – SM MOA
October 13, late afternoon – Greenbelt/Glorietta
October 14, late morning – Ayala/Rockwell
October 16, late afternoon – Ortigas CBD
October 17, late afternoon – Taft Avenue
October 18, late afternoon – BGC

Be ready. The undead hordes are coming.