It’s that time of year again!


Hey everyone! Summer is once again upon us, and to make sure you get the latest on the gadgets you should be taking around this season, we’re hitting the road! We’re going back north, though we’ve tried to pick a spot that’s a little farther off the beaten path. This year we’re off to Baler!

We’ve got a lot of things cooking for you all: a few test drives, some labs we’ve put together based on our roadtrip experiences, and a few cool toys, like action cameras, outdoor equipment, and even a pair of amazing sat phones. We’re going to be working hard to get this issue out just in tie for your summer excursions, so hang tight! For the time being, grab a cold drink, maybe turn the A/C up, and get a copy of our super fun April issue. We’ll let you guys know how this trip turns out!