Jerry Miculek is at it again


Jerry Miculek, the shooter who nailed a 200-yard target with a Glock, and has an amazing speed reload on a revolver is up to his tricks again. This time, he goes over a few of the old pistol shooting techniques with a 1911 that’s actually older than he is. Jerry takes a 1925-manufactured 1911 and puts it through its paces, going so far as to adopt the kind of shooting techniques taught around the time of the Second World War. He first goes into single-handed, hand over the heart point shooting, and puts it against the modern technique using the isoceles stance, and actually using the sights. There’s a lot to be learned from looking into the past, and pistol shooting is no exception. As an added treat, we get a little slow-motion footage of what many consider John Moses Browning’s greatest engineering work, so hit the play button and enjoy!